I'm a graphic designer born and raised in Xalapa, Veracruz, México. Some of my biggest passions are graphic design, art, fashion and music. Besides my passion for my upcoming wedding invitation brand, A year and a half ago I got the opportunity to work for Fahrenheit Magazine, one of the most prestigious art and lifestyle magazines in Mexico where I'm currently the editor of a free arts newspaper called FAHRENHEITº URBAN. I also write daily articles for our website and the magazine and have had the great opportunity of interviewing many artists and important figures of the artistic scene worldwide. Having the chance to combine the things I love the most is definitely a dream come true for my career.

chasing opportunities and making the best of every moment. I also know a lot about starting fresh and letting go of whatever is not letting me grow towards my goals.

Business planning!

Quit your day job

My parents, because they are such a creative and hard working couple who made everything happen for me and always kept me with one feet on the ground.

Having a good time no matter what.

Fashion editor

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yoga sun salutation!

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