I am the Chief Executive Officer of Commarke which focuses on creating experiential marketing campaigns for companies and brands targeting Millennials. Commarke was created with the intent to bridge the gap between consumers and companies through active engagement which will increase brand loyalty, revenue, and consumer retention. Once braking the barrier during my time at Virtual Hold software of being the youngest person to be hired, I served as an engineer while pursuing my degree in business management at the University of Akron. I use my engineering experience in which I consistently apply to my critical thinking which has increased my analytical and problem solving skills. I am highly driven and disciplined to accomplish all goals at hand. My goal is to combine all of my diverse professional and learning experiences to serve as an asset through strategic and creative thinking when applying to executing urgently. My longterm goal is to be an influencer of the world curating culture and experiences, in the marketing and advertising industry.

Engaging Millennials. My agency focuses on creating strategy and Ideation for companies and brands targeting Millennials.

Business Development. I recently moved to Los Angeles from Ohio in order to expand the company. I am looking to work with other individuals in the creative space to work with that can help me grow and expand the agency.

The marketing message has to be authentic in order for consumers to connect and become brand loyal. "Remain authentic in your marketing strategies and things will grow organically"

Elon Musk. Why, because the guy is a brilliant genius of our time whom has disrupted several industries.

I am able to adapt and learn quickly. I come from an engineering background prior to starting my company. I have the ability to apply engineering principles to creative which gives me a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

I don't have one. Stick to Plan A, my plan B is stick to Plan A.

Being creative.

I would teach them that your mind and perspective on life controls everything. Individuals have the power to manifest whatever he or she chooses or strives to achieve. "You are what you think".


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