I moved from Illinois, and I love where I live now. Actively looking for full UI/UX Designer roles in Scottsdale, Arizona. Will work for the user. Coffee = love.

UI and UX, Graphic Design, the environment, climate change, computers, and more!

Climbing mountains

Success is not a straight line. The road is always under construction.

Matthew Hussey. He strives to help women become confident, stronger, and independent. I love watching his videos.

I try to see the good in everyone.

I don't like having a backup career. I don't give up on what I set my mind to. "Backup" just sounds like "settling". I don't settle.

I am very good at remembering significant events and visualizing them in my mind. I also can remember dreams I've had years ago.

I would love to teach about design AND sustainability.

The one where the lady is saying "And 2 shots of vodka. Man falls into the side of a trailer" Laugh every.time.

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