Kia ora! Digital content specialist; social media and online community consultant; #LGBT #PNG #Kiwi #PerthDays I also tweet @PerthSocMed & @PNGSocialMedia

Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, content management, kanban, content strategy, social content, user experience, human-centric design, web design, online communities, cartoons, DC & Marvel universes, Ben10, AdventureTime, Transformers, TMNT, Simpsons TappedOut.

All of the above. I'm always keen to learn more, hear other peoples' views/experiences etc.

If you don't like something, you can either walk away from it, or change your perspective and approach it differently.

People who have happiness in all facets of their life. It is something I strive to maintain.

Being happy.

A housewife - what? I'm an amazing cook and I don't mind doing the dishes.

Song lyrics.

How to fold and fly a decent paper airplane!

The menah menahs from sesame street.

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