I like to work in the business of design. I used to be a designer, and now I handle the day-to-day operations at Clover Partners, a company that I co-founded back in 2015. I can tell you more about that in person (if you're interested). Otherwise, I like whiskey and red wine, and my life at home usually revolves around my two kiddos (2 and 5).

Website design and development. Value pricing. Marketing through story-telling.

Building a quality referral network.

Before asking a question, think through it all the way. Ask yourself if you actually do know the answer. If you still can't find the answer, then ask the question.

In the world of business, I really admire Mike Monteiro. His views on how to work with customers and handle the business of design really resonate with me.



A lot of things, none of which are what to write in this space. :-)

I would teach them how to set up a macro in InDesign to help with repetitive tasks.