Jen Jones Donatelli is the founder of Creative Groove, which offers classes and workshops on creativity/The Artist's Way, writing, dance, and the business of freelancing. She is also the managing editor of FreshWater Cleveland, as well as a seasoned freelance journalist and published author.

The freelance life; the Artist's Way by Julia Cameron; writing in many forms (journalism, fiction, nonfiction, copywriting, ghostwriting); coworking; "the people, places, and projects shaping and transforming Cleveland" (our tagline at FreshWater Cleveland); 80s and 90s music

Spreading awareness about the classes and workshops offered through Creative Groove, specifically "CLE-ative Groove: A 12-Week Artist's Way Journey." (Check out to learn more.)

Go with the flow.

Typing at the speed of light

Having worked in TV/film production, event planning, journalism, education, and having been a full-time freelancer for the last 13 years, I feel a bit like Morris the Cat in that I've already lived a bunch of career lives! I'd secretly love to be a librarian (and, in a past life, a backup dancer.)

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