Insatiably curious, and creatively restless, I’m a Cincinnati copywriter and creative strategist who believes the best strategy is savvy communication steeped in inspired insights and data. If the work is fast-paced and uniquely challenging, I'm your guy.

I've worked as a content strategist and creative copywriter with brands across many industries, including: Toyota North America, USA Today, Pure Romance, Everything But The House (, UC Health Women's Center, American Modern Insurance Group, and many local and regional businesses.

I was born and raised in Western Kentucky, where I learned the value of hard work and dedication by watching my parents overcome the odds against high school dropouts by obtaining their GEDs, Bachelor's Degrees, Master's Degrees, and Ph.D. while still putting my brothers and I through grade school and beyond. I'm a graduate with honors in Writing, Rhetoric, and Communication of Transylvania University, and I currently reside in the Cincinnati-area with my husband and our two dogs.

Branding and copywriting and how they must work together. Something can't just "sound cool," it absolutely must exist as part of a bigger picture. Nothing, nothing, just exists without internal and external context.

Fonts. Someone help me, anytime I get ahold of the font slider I inevitably pick the next Comic Sans.

It sounds cliche, but I really do admire my parents. Seeing them raise us while going to earn their GEDs and then go on to college and earning advance degrees really shaped who I am today.

I'm really observant of others. I pick up on even the slightest changes in body language and can quickly adapt accordingly.

Backup? I don't have a backup, but in a different reality I do think I'd enjoy being a Physician's Assistant or something similar.

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