Wildly Creative, Dream Chaser | Graphic + Web Designer who dabbles in the Fine Arts | Techie with a Naturalista Flair

Art, design, sci-fi and gothic romances. Austen, Bronte and film.

Absolutely anything to do with numbers, finance, accounting, staying organized.

Love your life now. Live it fully before the trials of life clog your freedom and creativity up. Trust God, trust your inuition and be free.

My mother. She's the strongest most resilient woman I know. She's had to deal with hurt and disappointment but she never ever gives up.

If I had a superpower. It would be healing of the body, heart and mind.

Pschology. I love getting into people's thought processes. It's never the what or how in someone is doing something, it's the why. What caused it, what was he thinking, etc .

To backup everything. Heard a story in ollege about a girl who lost all her work in her senior year. She had to go from teacher to teacher to find old projects, anything that she could scrounge. From then on, I've always backed up everything pretty regularly.

How to love yourself

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