PR/social strategy consultant (@ConsultMaximus), Dad, Husband, Thank You Note Writer, Kennesaw State Adjunct, Mercer PhD student in Higher Ed, @ULLafayette Alum

planning, strategy and thinking 10 steps ahead before things happen. I can visually image how pieces will fall before anyone else can.

my public speaking skills. I'm good in front of groups, but I could always use some help in polishing some corners.

Every day is a job interview. You never know who's watching you.

My wife because she has blindly trusted me throughout my career and the career moves I've made. She has the most difficult job in the world with taking care of our family. I respect her more than words can describe.

Performing tasks at a high-rate of speed.

Directions to get to every house or apartment I've lived in (I've lived in 10 states so that's a lot of addresses)

How to write a thank you note. It's a lost art.

I can't pick just one. I think every animated GIF from Seinfeld or The Big Bang Theory is my favorite.

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