Meet Chris Crewe, an Artist, Educator, Designer, and Creative Director. He helps imaginative individuals embrace their creative potential so they can express and share their most important ideas with the world.

Nearly two decades of experience producing independent media, holding solo shows, and educating with compassion; Chris brings curiosity, character, and a modern creative toolkit into the classroom enhancing his students experiences. Chris is able to add that extra spice to his creative projectd he easily pumps up crowds with excitement during his public presentations.

A pioneer in the study of Black and White Holography, using it to make fine art pieces, he has served as a digital archivist for the OCADU media library archiving over 9000 slides, during the last decade his award-winning art pieces have been featured in the Design Exchange, and The Royal Ontario Museum as well as a solo show of paintings entitled "Machines" in 2010.

Nominated for a Governor General’s Innovation Award, Chris holds a BFA and currently teaches at the Design Exchange, Workman Arts and SKETCH Working Arts. Chris’s students, customers, and clients love his generous dedication to helping others learn, forever challenging socially important topics, in the end getting along with others and creating beautiful things.
- Chris Crewe | 2019

From my experience at OCADU I learned a variety of fabrication techniques in various mediums, my time at SKETCH taught me to work within a collective interacting with local and transient artists to learn and develop. The Design Exchange Museum fed my love for sharing the evolution of Art and Design with the public opening a discussion about interesting topics; enhancing the appreciation of aesthetics and beauty in culture.

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"It is not your business what other people think of you."

I have instincts to sense moments in time when everything becomes ready to grab and swing; spontaneity feels like catching rung after rung on a flying trapeze and knowing they will be there.

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The day my grandfather handed me a razor blade and a golf ball then told me there was a prize in the middle.

To look inside for natural talent, then I would give the advice to nurture and develop it.