Chloé Lepeltier is a French globetrotter now based in Oregon, by way of Southern California, Switzerland, The Netherlands, amongst other places. Her passions span multiple disciplines — from feminist literature to sustainable fashion to backcountry snowboarding— with curiosity & creativity as the common thread. She infuses spontaneity, nature, and her eye for beauty to capture moments in words and images on Conscious by Chloé. Her background in communication greatly influences her process and enables her to connect with the people she meets along the way.

Zero Waste, Slow Living, and Ethical Fashion.

Playing the uké.

You're allowed to say no.

Swissmiss, for Creative Mornings & Studiomates/Friends Work here.

I'm a super connector.

Home or Knowledge Organizer. Both are quite different but would satisfy me equally.

My late grand parents phone number, which my parents taught me when I was very, very young.

The 5rs: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot ( and only in that order!).