At the age of 19, I boarded a plane to Guatemala on my first ever solo trip abroad. Knowing little about Central America, and not a word of Spanish, I hadn't the faintest clue of the incredible journey I was embarking on. What was supposed to be a few weeks turned into three years, a new language, hundreds of friends from around the world, new jobs and skills, and more importantly a deeper insight into the world we all live in. ​ A​fter living in Guatemala and working as a tour guide and English teacher, I returned home to Sacramento to pursue a M.A. in Spanish & Latin American studies from Sacramento State while working at a local Spanish school in admin, marketing, teaching and coordinating group tours to Guatemala, México, Peru and Cuba. ​ Based out of Sacramento, CA but constantly on the go, I dedicate myself full time to The Heart of the Travel. Be it organizing and guiding trips, researching new destinations, writing blog posts or snapping shots for Instagram I live and breath travel, connecting with new people and celebrating diversity and culture throughout the world. In her down time she enjoys running, yoga, cooking, horseback riding, reading and above all else catching up with family and friends :)

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