Founder of Come Alive Co, a Brand Story Copywriting studio based in San Diego with clients across the globe. Speaker, calling on women to own their Brand Story + live out their purposeful callings. I love oat milk lattes, dancing to ANY beat, and in-person connections!

building brand loyalty by captivating various audiences with killer creative

If you or anyone you know is looking to freelance a solid, genuine, obsessively thorough copywriter, you know who to call!

Don't eat the yellow snow -Dad. Also, build a life you're proud of.

My mother: the most selfless, hard-working, determined and loving woman I know.

Breaking out in random dance whether there's music or not. All are welcome!

Probably those dancing penguins in Disney's annual holiday parade

The way I felt hugging and serving orphan children and refugees in Thailand on the missions trip I paused my career for

How to body roll! Yes, I have taught this. And yes, you will succeed with me.