I've always been a dreamer. I can't help but imagine "What's next? Can we make it better? Can we take it further?" For me the answer always comes back the same. "Yes, we can take it further." Inevitably, the dreaming always gives way to creating. "If it can be better, then I should probably give it a shot, right?" This propensity to create paves the way to learning. Enter middle school me...

In 7th grade, I heard Eddie Van Halen's guitar solo "Eruption." I was stunned. But... I wasn't satisfied by just hearing it. I needed to play it. So I got a guitar and taught myself how to play it. I dreamed it. Created it. And in doing so, learned something new. A year later, a mentor of mine allowed me to record my own "Eruption." At the time, I knew it w​as amazing. Today, it still gives me a good laugh.

This is a common thread in my life. Dream. Create. Learn.

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