Hi! My name is Charlotte my dream is to inspire and help others through my writing and one day to hopefully write and be successful with it enough to do it for a living rather than just a hobby. I don't have a degree in the field of writing however i do have more than enough experience. I've been writing as long as i can remember anything from, poetry essays, short stories to raps, songs quotes, holiday cards And letters. Writing is my outlet, my medicine so to speak. I've been working on a book for years just not sure how too put it together and present it to the world.

essay writing, creative & technical writing, education, art

Focusing on the important

"Think before you speak"

Most admire for me F Scott Fitzgerald, because his talent was as natural as the pattern that was made by the dust on a butterfly's wings

When i start writing characters start to come alive

It was always easy for me to memorize people's faces, it often happens that you don’t remember the name but the face is always remembered