I am 21 years old and first to graduate from college. I would like to be an animator but also a creature concept artist, when I feel I am on par with others. I like creating stories, comics, new creatures and characters, and animating.

Being creative and then thinking critically when it comes time to it.

Becoming better modeling, texturing, lighting, and 3D animation. Advancing in my current skill sets.

Come here and just showcase my work from my website all over the place. Share my pictures and drawings everywhere I can.

I most admire my grandmother and mother. They are both hard workers and they both help raise me. My mom taught to stick to my beliefs and to be civil even to people you may not take kindly to. Tolerable. My grandmother taught to keeping working hard, keep striving but don't be afraid to ask for help if I really need the help. Big or small help.

Amazing giving better advice to my friends than taking my own advice.

I want to go back to school for astronomy. Get a degree is astronomy and apply what I learned about 3D renders and coloring to space and hidden objects beyond our solar system. I am trying to get a comic book started, a web series started, and to get a book published.

A walk cycle is 13 frames with one side of the body. A run cycle is about 7 frames shorter though.

Sometimes, trying to find or get references need to comes from cartoon shows and not only in real life.

Favorite one is of this one animator, animating Scott Cawthon game '5 Nights at Freddy's' in a 80's style. It was bouncy and pretty.

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