I am a filmmaker, photographer and visual artist based in Oakland, CA. I enjoy people-watching by Lake Merritt, eating kale and fighting the man.

Documentary video shooting and editing, old school photo chemistry/digital photography, organization and a little bit about working for oneself

Expanding my skill set (motion graphics, here I come!), schmoozing and business management/growth

There are a million ways to shoot a wedding.

My parents for teaching me to be independent, work hard and live sustainably. They also gave me a happy childhood playing in the woods with my sisters.

Cleaning. It's actually not a secret.

I tend to only do weddings if people have a secret password. But I know I could and would shoot a lot more weddings if I moved to a smaller place where corporate/nonprofit work may be nonexistent.

My childhood landline phone number, which my parents don't even have anymore. :(

How to load a dishwasher right.