I got my bachelor in Visual Arts with graphic design at its core. I worked at a printing press company and then at an advertising agency, but spent most of my time as a professor at the University of Nuevo Leon in the Faculty of Visual Arts. 
I also completed a Master’s degree in Visual Arts from the same University.
My passion is to connect with people, a like open my door to the people with a great heart, good spirit, be creative in his own way, and enjoy life.

design, and art techniques

built my art friends in Vancouver

be yourself

My Grandmother and my best friend in Monterrey, why because they are a women the have a lot of resilience in their lives, and smilie to life.

they tell me that I'm Kind, and a good listener

Art Teacher

Be a mom.

love to himself, and share to others your inside light, love and be kind

hug, smile, love

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