Personality types. Its interesting to see the person behind the design and how their personality type plays a role in their process.

Web and app design/ui ux design. With a growing online and mobile interest everywhere, I believe its important to know at least the basics. I've played around with prototyping but not the final products.

Too much tension. I believe balance is key to good design. Also the importance of white space and breathability.

I really admire Paula Scher and Doyald Young; and clothing line owners Benny Gold and Jeff Sheldon. Each have embraced design, made sacrifices, and have a unique role in the design industry.

Intuition and openness. When it comes to design, I'm very open with critique. My ability to take constructive criticism is very high; I'm always eager to be shown what I'm blind to in my own work. With that I'm also very intuitive; I pick up on keys that people usually don't pay attention to.

Counseling. Apart from my love of Graphic Design I also have a passion for social justice. If I were to do anything else it would be counseling, helping underpriveledged people.

Music, The Office lines, pretty much all comedy lines.

Self awareness all the way!

&...Watching someone make an ampersand over and over and over again!

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