I raise the Sledgehammer over my head and strike down on the canvas…. BANG!

Colors race and reach outward from the center, violent splashes of paint spread and twist across each composition bouncing and crashing outward creating a miracle captured in time.

The hammer forces the paint to race outward and perform unpredictable maneuvers; twisting in mid-air, staining the surface of the canvas and skipping like pebbles across a pond. The intensity pierces through the work and causes a dent in the wooden floor below, I apply a paint-soaked patch to the back of the canvas which oozes pigment; highlighting the aftermath in much greater dimension.

  • Chris Crewe | 2019

From my experience at OCADU I learned a variety of fabrication techniques in various mediums, my time at SKETCH taught me to work within a collective interacting with local and transient artists to learn and develop. The Design Exchange Museum fed my love for sharing the evolution of Art and Design with the public opening a discussion about interesting topics; enhancing the appreciation of aesthetics and beauty in culture.

"It is not your business what other people think of you."

When I look after smashing the hammer, I trust my critical eye and know whether I won this round. Sometimes I dance around as if I have won the lottery when I've finished a painting, I feel a sense of victory... like I have won a battle.

The day my grandfather handed me a razor blade and a golf ball then told me there was a prize in the middle.