Amoureux de la vie et des gens, tout m'interesse sauf la betise et l'absurdite ! #societe #photo #voyage #revolution_numerique #innovation #cloud #ovh #iaas

On ne subit jamais sa propre vie car on en demeure toujours le seul et unique acteur principal.

My parents for being stuck to their values and have taught me this. My wife for knowing me so much and always provide me support and love. My kids to be a live demonstration of the best thing a man can accomplish.

Always think that the best is yet to come.

After 15 years in various positions, including 2 years in Canada for CGI, I just joined OVH. Being VP Sales for Canada, directly reporting to the CSO, Michel Calmejane and to our CEO, Laurent Allard, is the most exciting Business experience you can dream of. Working closely with Octave Klaba's teams is exciting and demanding. But, above that, much more rewarding ! I'm in charge of developing business in Canada and to do so to propose and package for them the astonishing Digital Bricks on which OVH has based its success in Europe on. Very recently, I was lucky enough to be given the responsibility of the Marketing in Canada. A true new experience, with a direct relationship with Sales !

Everything that I learnt from experience or in-depth understanding. On the contrary I almost forgot everything I learnt by heart.

Listen to your heart and your guts. Don't be afraid of the unknown. Know what is good for you and what is not and make your way with it.

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