I am a video editor and motion graphics artist that loves anything that involves visual/artistic creativity and storytelling. I love draw, paint(acrylics and watercolor) and dabble in photography all as hobbies(for now).

I would say I know a decent bit about visual art and music.

Finding a full-time job and put freelancing behind me. Also, turning my painting and drawing into a side-career or full-time career.

Add more and more depth to your art until most people will find it interesting and cool.

Anyone that creates something artistically or creatively.

Discovering random and obscure music from all around the world,

Copywriting(in the process of learning).

The most mundane details regarding things that have happened to me throughout my entire life.

How to not argue. In my opinion, most arguments can be avoided and even more are completely unnecessary, unless you are a lawyer in a courtroom.


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