Public health and maternal anthropology. I've studied these topics from both the policy and clinical sides and would love to be more involved in that world. There are big challenges to address both here in the US and also abroad. Southeast Asia is particularly close to my heart.

Fusing my two passions: design and public health.

Have strong, well informed opinions but hold them lightly, meaning you should always be willing to listen to everyone in the room.

My friends' mothers and the other strong women in my life who have inspired me so much. They're professionals, stay at home moms and creatives who are all darn good at whatever they decide to do.

Navigating by the sun.

WWOOFing and then starting my own farm. I'm not afraid of hard work and I think I would like trading the city to be closer to the ingredients I love to cook with.

I remember the little things that might make the people around me happy. I really like surprising people with small gifts or acts of service that can show how much I appreciate having them in my life.

I would teach them how to use Pinterest because it opens up a whole world of creativity.

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