expert in shoes, photography, laughter, and the list goes on.

food service, alcohol, brewing sake, photography, canon cameras, posing, hair and makeup, working in yoga and/or sweatpants, designing marketing content and strategy, operatic vocals, and hustle.

shopping online...oh! you mean day-to-day, huh? umm, engaging more deeply with my network.

It doesn't have to be perfect, it has to get done.

is that a loaded question?

it isn't really a secret, per se but posing is my super power. I can make anyone look amazing in photographs.

shit...ummmm... how about: I've already been an IT network designer, bartender, restaurant manager, voice teacher, sake brewer and owner. I'll probably evolve this career into education.


how to breathe for power

ummm...yeah, no.

Cat hasn't saved anything yet.