With everything I do, I believe in creatively connecting people of all backgrounds through building clear communication, empathy and inspiration of others to become leaders in their craft. Communications Designer is the main hustle, and I speak to the world in Japanese, English, broken language ability and non-verbals.

Okonomiyaki, applying creativity in the day to day, Japan, traveling, subcultures, illustrations, Adidas, Dragon Ball Super, travel hacking, and social media.

Cool collaborations for cool projects with cool people.

"Document don't create... If you can't create, distribute or facilitate." - Gary Vaynerchuk

Bobby Hundreds of The Hundreds.

Adventurous curiosity.

English Teacher abroad. Super backup: Okonomiyaki / CoCo Ichibanya Japanese curry chef.

The journey.

How to build a Snapchat Geofilter to promote yourself or creatively bomb a particular area for 4 hours and only $5.

The one that has Dave Chappelle. (You know which one...)

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