Woman, designer, artist, foodie, wife, dreamer & believer. Art, design, fashion, travel, music, movies, photography, xylography, food, cats & love lover. Eat, pray, love, live, laugh, enjoy, sing, dance, make love, ride a bike, mix patterns, do epic shit!

good taste... style


be thankful and be happy... always!

my mom and my husband, I admire them both the same, my mom is the best mom ever! she was abused by my father, she is a survivor and a superhero for me; and my husband, he is an amazing entrepeneur he is very young and by himself has an established bikeshop, it is his passion and his bussiness I admire him a lot! he is a great man <3

authenticity (and it is not secret)

I am a xylographer and I sing too, singing helped me paying college.

how blessed I am

to appreciate the little things in life.

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