Born in Tijuana Mexico, have a degree on Lic. Informática (Computer Information Systems) graduated from the Instituto Tecnológico de Tijuana.

Entrepreneur and consultant. Have a software company since 2005, before been entrepreneur I work like an IT consultant for private companies and 2001 to 2005 for my own. Been an entrepreneur is my passion, it has given me the opportunity to travel, know new people, help my customers given them solutions to their IT problems. From my city, I like to support regional events and buy from local entrepreneurs even my kids I teach them the importance to participate on events on our community. This year on my company we start a new business division the “Software Development Outsourcing”, like any IT business we must keep renovating and innovating for our actual and new customers.

Entrepreneur, IT Bussines, CRM, Software Develppment.

In High School, "If you want financial freedom, make your own bussines" and "No one has been rich been on employee"

Steve Jobs, Because he had the ability to group very intelligent people from different specialties and make them work for a goal.

Consistency and Team Work

Coffe and comics

My kids birthday and my employees names.

Start a new business.

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