I'm a designer who loves to travel, dance, street art and essential oils (yep i'm a bit of a hippy). I'm at my most happiest when I'm on a random adventure or in an interactive art gallery. Sustainability within fashion is something I'm enthusiastic about & am learning more about it every day.

The Apparel Design Process from initial concept to final garment. I specialise in Womenswear and graphic design and the Social Media aspect of the process.

I'm currently working as a freelance designer and am very interested in collaborating with sustainable brands and companies

Tea is always the answer......Apart from that as someone who is always thinking about multiple projects, tasks and ideas at the same time it can be hard to stay focused, but what I have learnt when working on a difficult project, take a break to keep you focused. Work on the ideas and step away!! Back away from the desk, and come back later to get a fresh perspective.

Setting up a company with my Aussie Boyfriend specialising in pencil cases and beard oil!

The two-step!

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