Carieo Crenshaw is an avid seeker of human nature whose roots began in Cleveland, Ohio. His charisma symbolizes innovation, provocation and motivation in any artistic shape, form or molding. He has a sharp, keen eye for detail. Carieo later relocated to Florida, he then earned an Engineering degree from Full Sail University. Upon graduation, he landed an awesome opportunity to work in Audio Broadcasting for ESPN. After some soul searching, his journey led him to Atlanta, GA.

Carieo's sleek, smooth style reinvents today's imagery. His bold, colorful, fun, distinctive visions create spectacular creatures. The sun smiles upon earth, just like a photo's reflection upon divine beings. A parade of happiness is captured through the lens of Carieo's camera. Life should be a sense of adventure. His photography represents edgy, simplicity, richness and class. This pictorial professional freezes moments in time. Ice melts when a person smiles. Carieo can be defined as a visionary master photographer with modern perspectives.

Lighting, posing

My love life😔

Focus, drive with talent wins every time over instagram likes.

Lindsey Adler & Julia Kuzminko, Why because they are amazing fashion photographers

The ability to time travel.

Audio broadcast engineer, brand management

The voice of my grandmother.💞

I would teach a posing workshop with my E.i model team

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