I’m Carla, a self-pro-claimed travel enthusiast, ultra-runner and full-time dreamer. I’m a nonprofit HR pro who is passionate about numerous topics, including leadership development and women’s advocacy. I have nonprofit board experience and served as chair of a relatively large women’s professional and social networking organization in the DC area. I try to stay current on a wide range of topics that are related to business, millennials in the workplace, diversity and inclusion as well as Afro-Latin culture.

By night, I'm busy mentoring and coaching women on how to pursue leadership roles and meet their professional and/or career goals. Traveling is also one of my passions and running keeps me active! I'm also busy taking photos for my blog, Blooming Queens a street-style photography blog chronicling the growth process of women with natural hair.

Human resources, career coaching, women in politics, leadership development recruitment, federal and state employment laws, travel, afro-latin culture.

SEO, website analytics, marketing and outreach. I'm new to this blogging thing and I really want to do it right. I not only want to garner a following, but create an authentic, awesome community.

If you witness or hear something that you know is not right, you are agreeing with the statement or situation if you refuse to say anything about it. Also, being the only one at the table who likes like you is not a good thing. More often then not, work needs to be done to lift up others and bring voices to the table who look like you.

My grandfather. He's the most honest, caring, friendly and genuine person I've ever met. I'm truly blessed to have known him.

I can literally talk to anyone.

Commercial model and actress.


How to frame and approach a difficult conversation (with anyone).