I'm a puppeteer and graphic designer born and raised in Buffalo, NY. Inspired by my early love of Sesame Street and the collective work of Jim Henson, I developed a number of projects that showcase the expansive world of puppetry. I graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design and a minor in Theater from Daemen College in 2013, after founding my capstone project The Geppetto Festival: A Day of Puppetry, a biennial event that shares enriching presentations and performances that bring new life to puppetry. With Adam Kreutinger, I co-founded Future Self Productions, where we create puppet-prominent films, commercials, and stage plays for local businesses and theaters. I've trained at the National Puppetry Conference at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center, where I worked with renowned puppeteers such as Pam Arciero, Ronnie Burkett, Martin Robinson, and James Godwin. I also presented his talk “The Power of Puppetry” at TEDxBuffalo in 2013; I now sit on the group’s organizing committee at a program director and graphic designer.

Playing with dolls, making posters, and wearing glasses.

Patience, taking on too many things at once.

"How dare you deprive the world of your most excellent self."

Michael J. Fox. He navigates the world as both a performer and a patient advocate with incredible amounts of optimism and strength.

Invisibility. Mostly at sporting events.

Terry Gross's pool boy.

The opening prologue to Beauty and the Beast.

Some amazing life-hacks to remember when you're packing a go-bag for the hospital.