I'm Francesca but friends call me Bonnie! I grew up in Austria with an international background: my dad is Austrian, my mom is Filipina, and I did my whole scholarship in a French school in Vienna. I then lived in France and Finland before moving now to Singapore. I have worked all my career in the cosmetics industry, with experience in Marketing and Sales. I am currently looking for a job and hope to find something soon (fingers crossed). I love to travel, eat and get to know people from different cultures so Singapore is the perfect place for me :). I enjoy being outdoors, have a quite good handicap in golf and am also very fond of art. I started doing modern calligraphy for almost 2 years now and really love the calming aspect and being able to create something beautiful.

marketing, project management, sustainability, minimalism, languages, baking

digital advertising, technology

Do more of what makes you happy.

barista or pastry chef or both

small but meaningful details in life.

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