Using intention to focus our creative life.

The human brain is an expert at Intention: it just may not be the intention you want. Purposely setting a well-formed intention focuses our creative power on what we want. Following a few simple steps will make small changes have a big impact.

Christine Kelly has studied brain-based techniques that inspire change for almost a decade. She was a Director of Business Transformation and Senior Consultant for large Financial Services and Healthcare facilities. During that time she noticed that, sometimes, people would do what was required to easily and effortlessly achieve meaningful change in their lives while others did not.

Then, a simple fall led to a dramatic life change for Christine. “Traveling for my work as a consultant I had intense, unending pain, reactions to medications, and a long list of treatments,” Christine said. “I went from a strong, independent woman who could do anything I set my mind to, welcoming challenges, and seeking changes, to someone who was simply trying to exist day to day.”

Christine realized that she would have to change the image of herself if she wanted to have happiness in her life. “I had to look at the picture of me that I had in my head and find a new one that reflected who I was now and what my capabilities were now,” she explained. She also had to find ways to add joy and happiness through the change. Realizing that helping others was a huge source of joy; Christine worked to find a way to help as many people as she could. Speaking has provided her this opportunity.

Christine will help you understand the foundation for setting a good Intention as well as techniques to help amp up creative ability.

If you’re curious, put these tools to use and see what happens NOW!

You can connect with Christine at her website Christine Kelly.

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