Entrepreneur, strategist, trade show junkie, public speaker critiquer, experiential specialist, travel enthusiast. I'm a bonus mom, dog mom, and killer aunt with an amazing shoe collection. This about sums me up: Enneagram 7, Meyers Briggs ESFJ, DISC - Influencer, Strength Finders - Positivity, Woo, Harmony, Relator, Communication, Kolbe Assessment - 6-2-8-4.

Wastewater, trade show management, event creation, public speaking, CX, managing people with many, big ideas, how to bring ideas to life, sales and marketing alignment, scat identification, elk rutting season, how to test stages of sugar crystallization during the baking process without a thermometer.

Content writing, web development, puppy management

My grandmother. She was the first woman at GE that was responsible for checking all the mathematical equations of the male engineers in the 1950s. She grew up very poor on a dairy farm and put herself through college, receiving a bachelors and then completing her masters while raising four children and working full-time as a widow in her early 40s. She has traveled the world; including visiting Turkey at the age of 86 during the Turkish conflicts. She has taught (machine) knitting to hobbyists and DAAP students, including Project Runway finalist. She retired from downhill snow skiing at the age of 89! She is a genetic wonder, intelligent, strong, and happy. Everyone should meet my grandma.

Quickly figuring out how to sell anything.

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How to pack like a pro.

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