I am a fashion designer focused to build events, products and creative economies that have social impact in my community and somehow in the world. I have been creator and implementer of some events, Theater shows focused on women rights festivals to promote culture heritage and tourism in Albania,fairs to promote recycling products. I am creator of Recycle Jeans a creative business focused on social and environment impact. Recycle Jeans is the most amazing and important initiative i have created. Educating community for importance of recycling, aware how to protect environment through the reduce of plastic, producing everyday products and Make clients filling comfort and unique is amazing. Being first initiative in Albania working for reducing of plastic and also working to change the law of plastic is amazing, offering to young people good practices, to educate them to take initiatives in creative startups. I am a motivated person to bring changes in the community. I'm the hardworking girl to accomplish my goals. I have skills to be a changemaker. Bringing changes in community is my main goal in life.

  • "Get Inspired Fest" September 2015, Nowy Sanz, Krakow Poland
  • "Festivali Multikulturor i Beratit" by "Njerez dhe Ide" Curator 2015 Berat Albania
  • One of the Winner Projects "Rethinking, -Reusing, Recycling - Community Based Activism" with "Recycling for Life Project" by Balkan Let's Get Up, May, June Kosovo, Bulgaria 2015
  • "Art and Design for Advocacy" training by IDEA SEE June 2015 Ohrid Macedonia
  • "Work and Art" by Pristina REA March 2015 Gracanica Kosovo
  • "Recycle Jeans" One of the Winners of "Green Ideas Competition" Albania 2014
  • Part of Regional Competition "Philanthropy for Green Ideas" Llogara, Albania July 2014
  • "Festivali Multikulturor i Beratit" Coordinator August 2014 -"Creative Entrepreneurship" Nesta and British Council, 28-31 January 2013, Tirana Albania
  • " RUFF COLLECTION" Tirana Fashion Week December 2013 Tirana Albania
  • "Newspaper Collection" July 2013 Tirana Albania
  • "Elita Politike" July 2013 Tirana Albania

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