I'm a creative entrepreneur. I explore and create fine art, and I lead creative team building workshops. My passion is to bring color, energy and arts-based learning to peoples' lives.

Arts-based learning is an interdisciplinary approach using the arts as a pathway to explore non-art topics such as leadership, management, innovation and creativity in business. The goal is not to teach people to be artists, but to create immersive learning experiences using artistic processes to help people gain new insights and perspectives about business challenges.

My background is in executive leadership, heading several nonprofit corporations in Nebraska where I learned the value of strong teams.

On a team, differences matter. High-performing teams recognize that every person adds value to the whole

Creativity and innovation also matter - they are the fuel that keep organizations growing and moving forward.

Team Building using arts-based learning.

Networking. Connecting with business and groups who dare to grow and learn, lead and connect, show up and do, play and innovate.

Show up. Say 'yes.'

Jumping off cliffs and building my wings on the way down.


Where to find the Big Dipper.

How to use play to tap into creativity/innovation/leadership.

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