I help people make easier decisions by encouraging empathy, excite imagination, and inspiring change.

That's also why I'm one of the organisers of Creative Mornings London.

I love collaborating with people from all sectors on key moments of a project: - Designing brands, services and products with engaging experiences for users. - Bringing to life data and user research with insightful visualisations for multidisciplinary teams. - Telling the stories behind great ideas with compelling presentations for investors.

I’m happy when what I make is accessible, memorable and meaningful. Flexible styles and my eclectic skill-set bring me to adopt the best approach to project requirements, user and business needs. My illustrations, data visualisations, brand identities, UX/UI wireframes and prototypes facilitate user-centred design approach in workshops, hackathons, lean and agile projects.

I have the pleasure to work with clients from all sectors, like Lloyds bank, Atkins, MacMillan, Maggie’s centre, Royal Society of Arts, National Grid and Department for Transport.

I love to share a lot of sketch-notes from interesting talks (http://stefanotes.tumblr.com). I’m an actor and improviser. I like being in other people’s shoes and enjoying failure to create something great. And I’m in a lovely long distance relationship. I can make great things also working remotely.




I can make 3 rolls with my tongue


the songs from the Book of Mormon

Drawing and hugging