My earlier work as a cabaret artist certainly still influences my jewellery work today. The desire to entertain, to provoke, to package a message humorously in order to make it more accessible, is still just as present. But today my pieces of jewellery speak in my place. For me, pieces of jewellery that communicate, irritate, flirt, make people laugh and engage in a debate in the smallest of spaces are much more than just decorative accessories. In the best case they lead with their ambiguity and depth to a change of perspective and thus also to a redefinition of the jewellery object and the wearer. I love to make jewellery on certain themes and to play with conventions, to spin, to laugh, to try out unusual materials, to discover new things and to cross borders. In this way I can and must constantly reinvent myself. This challenges me to break new ground and prevents me and my work from stagnating. And when my pieces go on tour and manage to wow and inspire their fans, they become entertaining, communicative companions, spontaneously break the ice at boring parties and form connecting bridges to like-minded people.

1995 I founded Friends of Carlotta, a gallerie for contemporary jewellery design in the heart of Zurich’s old town. Today, Friends of Carlotta is among the leading galleries for contemporary jewellery design. The gallery enjoys great popularity with designers, collectors and jewellery lovers the world over. A permanent exhibition features items by over 80 international designers and offers an enjoyable cross section of contemporary jewellery design. In recent years, the Friends of Carlotta jewellery gallery has dedicated itself to paving the way for modern jewellery design. This includes the Friends of Carlotta jewellery and fellowship prize that is awarded every two to three years for exceptional works created for a thematic exhibition. This internationally recognized prize is awarded by me and an independent jury. It is precisely with events such as these demanding thematic exhibitions that Friends of Carlotta inspires and encourages the continuous development of European jewellery culture.

Contemporary jewellery like contemporary jewellery designers, jewellery designs, -material and -techniques, alternative jewellery materials, narrative jewellery, what makes contemporary jewellery so special and why and when jewellery is much more than just decoration. Curating and building jewellery exhibitions. Teaching jewellery. Mentoring jewellery projects. Making jewellery. Telling stories.

Wenn Du etwas machst, mach es richtig.