I tell stories with motion pictures and sound about the people behind the business, scene or event. I love learning about my subject's story, living it while filming, and being able to tell their story to use in whatever way fits. I want to learn more, constantly get better at my craft, and keep hearing and sharing the stories we all tell.

Filmmaking and web development.

Concentrating on one task at a time. Its not easy with the internet a swipe away.

While showing the class some footage from my first documentary short at UW-Milwaukee, my professor said, "this is shit." I got sad, thought about it, and said, "damn, he is right". I proceeded to get off my lazy ass and capture some of the best footage I could at that time.

Various people, too many to list. Mostly I admire them for their inspiration in every aspect of life.

Self proclaimed: seeing the details. My eyes are crap. Without glasses or contacts, everything is a blur. In turn, I think I pay attention to detail more because of it.

Something outside, dealing with nature. Put me in a cube, I'll eventually go stir crazy. (and don't you dare mention TPS reports)

The first password I had ever used on a computer, way back in 1992.

The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything.

Probably one involving a dog, specifically a Weimaraner.

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