Over the last 15 years, I have had the priviledge of creating many events and experiences across tech, media, design, food and culture. Starting out in the music industry as a performer and music manager booking concerts, my experience in creative events grew from launching an underground supper club and community in NYC, which grew into a consulting business for producing experiential events for brands. As a curator of conferences and now festival director, I am entrusted with bringing together inspiring speakers across technology, entrepreneurship and other creative fields for events of all sizes across the country, in addition to driving the experiences that take place outside of the talks.

creating events, mixing cocktails, rhythm, and thrift shopping.

finding a band, doing my taxes, and travel hacking.

Believe in yourself. (From my amazing wife).

Those who give themselves selflessly to help others. It takes a certain kind of mind to only see what others need and put their own needs last.


moving to a beach town and painting murals, while making cocktails by day for tourists on the beach.

things that I've smelled