Founder of Total Life Complete and Actlz. TLC is a lifestyle hub, combining Content, Events, Learning, Coaching and Services all around getting the most out of life and work. Actlz is a corporate creativity consulting firm.

Turning ideas into reality. Working with others to be more creative in work + life. But... I know that I still have a lot to learn, we all do.

Asking for help! Trying to do too much, and being willing to give anything a go is good sometimes, but I love to collaborate with others. I'm always looking for videography tips too!

"Let the work tell you what it is" from Thomas Riccio (Dead White Zombies/UT Dallas professor). He was my guest in EP1 of the podcast, and this advice keeps helping me in different ways. Right now it means that the first idea isn't always the best, your urge to create something is right, but it takes a while for the logical brain to catch up with the intuition, in order to create something new.

Right now, I have a lot of admiration for Chad Houser (Cafe Momentum). He was a guest in EP15 of the podcast. And every time I hear him (and the team) speak I'm both inspired, and also reminded of how lucky I am to have been born when and where I was, and to have had the opportunities related to that. It's humbling. Also I see the importance of role models at every level of society, everyone can and should aspire to role model to others, no matter what their history or situation.

I forget that I have an accent. A few people have told me they find it interesting to listen to. Go "moving to a different place than you were born"!

Well, what I'm doing with TLC and Actlz still feels like I'm playing hooky from work! I'm so grateful to be able to do this. Otherwise I'd like to make a movie about my time on the road as a management consultant, or become a sommelier. Perhaps I will.

In an episode of an old TV Show, Quincy M.E. the doctors tests someone's memory by asking them to remember 3 words. I still remember those words, more than 30 years later. Ask me what they are! I love meeting new people, but names are often something I struggle with... I wish my superpower was remembering everyone's name I've ever met

Creative confidence (Tom and David Kelley), related to psychologist Albert Bandura's concept of self-efficacy: belief that your actions can cause an effect in the world. With a small step, anything is possible.

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