I’m a Turkish guy with weird accent in this crazy world. I grew up on the other side of the coin. My personality allows me to adapt and evolve; and, evolving is what I like to do most. I like to learn new things and use this knowledge to be better. Nobody can be the best, but this doesn’t mean we have to stop trying to be perfect in what we do. I’m an art director. I like to look, feel, and touch. I like to move and I like to move somewhere I’ve never been or nobody has been before. Not every movement has to be physical. As long as the action is the right one, I would like to engage with it. I’m not a sales man; and I especially don’t like to sell myself. However, I like to attract peoples attention. So, being able to see the beauty in things makes me who I am.

Myself and my abilities. I don't like to say I'm good at this, but as long as I believe in what I do, I do it good actually better than good.

I don't need help ATM. But I want to be surrounded with creative people as much as possible. So, we can bring something amazing to this world.

Learn one thing in every subject and learn everything in one subject.

My brother and father, I would like to keep it to myself...

I listen really well. It is like a super hearing seriously.

Don't have such a thing, and don't want it. I'm not doing the things I do, for the money.

Promises that I gave to myself.

After listening their passion, I try to teach them, whatever I know about that topic.

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