Blendi Salaj is an Albanian Journalist, Lecturer and Social Activist who has been on the forefront of Online Media since the mid 1990's when he was a student in the United States. Born in Tirana in 1979, Mr. Salaj is one of the founders of, (Fish Out of Water), one of the leading Albanian language Blogs on the Internet. To this day “Peshku” serves as platform for citizen driven media and a Censorship Free Zone. After 12 years in the USA, Blendi returned to Tirana in 2008 upon earning a degree in Communication Sciences and New Media from Worcester State University in Massachusetts. He has since become a strong voice for activism and human rights. For the past six e has been hosting one of the most popular radio morning shows in Albania on Radio Club FM and lately has begun hosting a Weekly Talk Show on Friday Nights on TV.

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