Baja Urban (BU) is a local startup boutique located in the Tijuana/ San Diego Border Region. At Baja we help build sustainable communities by making sure that the products that we sell have been sustainably produced. ​

Bianca Alvarado is the founder of Baja Urban. She grew up on both sides of the Tijuana/ San Diego Border. Although the border was first a challenge for her and her family, now the border is part of her life and opportunities. She has participated in local and international programs across borders. Taking leadership in local projects has allowed her to travel all over South America. Most recently, she ventured on a three-month backpacking trip while in Chiapas, México she discovered that her mission in this world is to empower women.

As the founder of Baja Urban, she brings an exclusive selection of creative products from around the world that emphasize feminine beauty that channel your inner goddess.

Our products are sustainable in their production as we believe in a sustainable supply chain that offers women a fair pay. Wear clothes that make a statement and have an impact, shop Baja Urban now.

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