daughter. sister. friend. teacher. coffee snob. art lover. history nerdish. sinner. former boot-strap puller. ask me about any of these and we'll be friends forever.

Building culture - Speaking to teenagers - Shifting team culture - Building new ideas into existing structures - Asking the right questions to get the answers you actually want - The intimacy of sharing mornings and evenings with people

Knowing when to stop talking about an idea and just pulling the trigger.

The thing you are certain will obliterate your life, probably won't. Our lives are journeys, so what looks big today will inevitably be smaller tomorrow.

I most admire people who know darkness and who know light, but choose to live in the light.

I can read a room pretty well...

Owning and running an Inn somewhere on the East coast.

Ernie's bath time "Rubber Ducky" theme song.

How to ask better questions.


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