Ben Strasser: adventure & travel addicted Event Manager, living in Dubai

With his first big trip to Australia back in 2008 Ben explored his passion for traveling, adventures and different cultures. After working in the event industry in Frankfurt for a few years, he quit his job and started traveling again with a one-way ticket to Nepal and a freelance job in his pocket. After volunteering for the first international marathon in the history of Iran, he hitchhiked from the south of Iran back to Germany. Since then, he never settled down there again and is living in Dubai since 2016 – a city which is under lockdown for the past four weeks due to the COVID-19. He can’t wait to travel to his 49th country, getting back into freediving again and simply high-five and hug his friends! Ben will take you on a 7000km hitchhiking adventure – starting in Iran and crossing 10 countries before reaching Germany.

He might will tell you why he carried an inflatable elk all the way and how traveling shaped his personality. Different cultures, language barriers, cold nights on the road – but an experience of a lifetime. See you on Tuesday!

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