My name is Ben Ramsden, and I have an energy for creating smart solutions to visual storytelling and branding. I welcome the chance to help with your creative needs whether it be redesigning your newspaper, or creating and building your brand through advertising, marketing or digital production. Collaboration and communication are important to me, and every project will be seen from conception to completion.

Putting together Ikea Furniture, and American history. The two really don't go together, but maybe they should.

Making connection with other creatives

"It's not so much where you stand, it's what direction you are facing." —Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

My wife inspires me, and she is a perfect example of taking advantage of every opportunity. She has shown me to stay true to yourself, and to not worry about the little things in life.

Great judge of character

History teacher

Star Wars movie quotes.

If I have five minutes to teach something new, I would teach them how to make my famous German Potato Salad.

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