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Curiosity, accepting yucky food challenges, behavioral science, laughing, brown drinks, pogo sticking, arousing the buy curious, creating an adventurous life, and living curiously.

Filling my need for massive adventure and curiosity-seeking. Growing the Tribe of the Curious.

Use sunscreen. Preach and teach curiosity now.

Lucille Ball and Gilda Radner because they were hilarious. Bertrand Russell and Sam Harris because of their sexy brains. Wonder Woman because she's a badass and has great bracelets. Tim Minchin because he is more than just great eyeshadow.

20-20 hindsight and dancing like a dervish.

Organ donor.

That I could be wrong.

How to elevate curiosity ahead of criticism, judgment, and fear. How to use curiosity to create a remarkable life and do good stuff.

The ones that people are kind enough not to text to me.

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