When I was five, I re-wrote the billboards on I-95 between NC and FL because I was pretty sure they needed improving. My career path was set. By 16, I had been hired by one of the Southeast's leading ad agencies to write ads. I haven't stopped. ● The older I've gotten, the bolder I've become. In the last couple of years, I've jumped out of an airplane, ridden a rambunctious elephant through the jungle in Thailand, and screamed down the Autobahn on the back of a motorcycle going 140+ mph. ● If you're looking for someone who gets strategy (because she's been in advertising for darn near her whole life) and combines it with fearlessness - send me an e-mail. I'd love to help with your latest project.

Golden rule of advertising. If you have something to say, say it. (Silver rule: If you have nothing to say, use showmanship.)

Writers, composers, painters who use just enough words, notes, brushstrokes to evoke the desired emotional response - and not one more! (Think Haiku, Rothko, Philip Glass's score for The Hours or Chopin's Nocturnes)

Mind reading.

Bartending. (I was actually a bartender in grad school so I know what I'm doing.)

Write like you talk. Don't use a 25¢ word when a 5¢ word will do. Be funny - if possible.

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