I am currently a graphic designer at Barber Martin Agency in Richmond, VA! When I'm not doing that, I'm baking bread, humming Lynyrd Skynyrd, reading books, fishing, and wood burning.

Adobe Creative Suite, publication design, logo design, leadership, and project management

All progress takes place outside your comfort zone

In 2016 my Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is now is remission and is taking life by the horns. She does whatever she wants and things she has always wanted to do. She does this while wearing a shirt that says, "Of course they're fake! The real ones tried to kill me!" It really doesn't get much better than that.

The ability to act like an extrovert when I am very introverted.

Being an elementary school art teacher. Or, if I had to pick a brand new career and start over, it would be a military combat nurse.

The guitar solo in Black Dog by Led Zeppelin, my Dad has been playing that for me before I could walk.

How to pick the sweetest bananas for making homemade banana bread & icecream

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